Click on each link to learn more about the POWER LESSON and the state and national standards they meet.  A Power Lesson includes significant content in a limited amount of time.  Engagement and focus for a successful lesson are paramount. 

  • The 411 On The Presidents – Get the inside scoop on each era of presidents with a modern twist.  Programs last approximately 90 minutes.  Each show features student interaction and participation, including three characters that dress the part.   Teachers receive a set of follow-up worksheets.
  • Hats Off To Kansas – Students learn about the geography, natives, pioneers, industries, and much more in this interactive show.  A giant seal of Kansas transforms into the state flower while the students enjoy this 90 minute production (time is approximate).  First through seventh grade adaptable.  Students can participate on their digital devices in a fun game of trivia if site has wifi capabilities.
  • The Word Is Revolution! – Betsy Cross, a crossword master and seamstress, and Brittany England, the King’s niece, discuss the events that led the thirteen colonies to the Revolutionary War. This Power Lesson is approximately 90 minutes in length.  Students learn the precipitating events, the ten most notorious battles, and interesting tidbits about the war.  Third grade and above.  Most suitable for a single grade level.

Coming 2019!

  • Korean War

  • Vietnam War

The Branches of the American Government

Coming 2019!

The checks and balances of the U.S. government are covered in a fun, informative, and interactive way.  Students see what happens so one branch doesn’t run away with all the power!

The Founding First Ladies

Kansas Outlaws and Trivia

Greek Mythology




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